Solar Heating

Our innovative use of earth tubes and heat recovery devices reduce energy for heating and cooling by 20% to 60%. While we have been involved with several Net-zero projects, we prefer the simple and economical projects that are easy to maintain. Our first solar heating project was constructed in 1975 and since then we have learned what is efficient and practical. We have innovative designs that significantly reduce the cost of solar heating by simply using a metal roof that also functions as a solar collector. Unlike other designers, many of our projects include provisions for monitoring to provide data that substantiate our performance claims.

Environmental Church Projects

(top) Calgary Chinese Alliance Church (middle) Sandstone Valley Ecumenical Centre (Bottom) Building integrated solar thermal mass storage wall

Architectural church projects that featured environmental friendly features such as solar collectors and heat storage walls

Drake Landing Solar Subdivision

Canada’s first 100% solar heated subdivision (52 houses) in Canada 2008 (as technical advisor)

Solar heated water is stored in the earth.

Aircraft Hanger, Calgary International Airport

(Left) Solar heated aircraft hanger, Calgary International Airport, 1980. (Right) Concrete slab is used for storing solar heat.


First 100% solar heated senior’s apartment in Canada

First 100% solar heated senior's apartment in Canada, 1976 (with John Hix Architect)


Earth sheltered solar heated studio

Earth sheltered solar heated studio, 1979 (with Jack Long Architect, Calgary)

First solar air conditioned building in Canada 

First solar air-conditioned building in Canada, 1976 (with John Hix Architect, Toronto)

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