Healthy Indoor Environment

Our philosophy is that all buildings must provide a healthy environment with minimal air contaminants for the occupants so that they can function efficiently. Our designs strive to provide a healthy indoor environment with good indoor air quality, enhanced acoustics and healthy lighting. Features include: choice of building materials and finishes that do not off-gas chemicals; cleaning equipment and products; and special ventilation and air filtration systems. People with environmental sensitivities such as respiratory illness (asthma), fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivities, or those with compromised immune systems such as leukemia and cancer will find relief in our buildings.

Nik’e Niya Community Birth Centre, Fort Smith

Birth Centre Site map and Interior.


 Healthy Home For Environmentally Sensitivities

(Left) House for single parent with minimal budget (Right) Environmentally clean bedroom

Woodstairs are economical because the handrails are painted wood.

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